High voltage lithium battery storage system

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Energy Storage System Container–High voltage lithium battery storage system

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The container energy storage system includes: energy storage battery system, PCS booster system, fire fighting system,monitoring system,  etc. It is widely used in scenarios such as power security, back-up power, peak shaving and valley filling.

Certificates:,CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, CQC,ROHS,UN38.3 test,MSDS

Parameter for common lithium battery stack/clusters system

System capacity System quantity Unit Size mm (W*D*H)
96V-300AH 1 Rack 530*680*1230
192V-300AH 1 Rack 530*680*2080
220V-300AH 1 Rack 1060*680*1230
288V-300AH 1 Rack 1060*680*1510
384V-300AH 1 Rack 1060*680*2080
480V-300AH 1 Rack 1590*680*1800
640V-300AH 1 Rack 1590*680*2080
672V-300AH 1 Rack 2120*680*1800
96V-200AH 1 Rack 530*680*950
240V-200AH 1 Rack 530*680*1800
480V-200AH 1 Rack 1060*680*1800
672V-200AH 1 Rack 1590*680*1510
720V-200AH 1 Rack 1590*680*1800
96V-100AH 1 Rack 530*680*670
480V-100AH 1 Rack 530*680*1800
672V-100AH 1 Rack 1060*680*1230

NoteOther energy specification battery rack system parameters are for reference only, please consult our engineer for other requirements.

Product advantage

● Flexible configuration of battery system types and capacities according to customer requirements

● The PCS has a modular architecture, simple maintenance and flexible configuration, allowing for multiple parallel machines

● Support parallel and off-grid operation mode, seamless switching, black start support

● EMS unattended system, locally controlled, cloud-monitored operation, with highly customized features

● Various modes including peak and valley reduction, demand response, backflow prevention, back-up power, command response, etc.

● Complete gas fire extinguishing system and automatic fire monitoring and alarm system with audible and visual alarm and fault uploading

● Complete thermal and temperature control system to ensure that the battery compartment temperature is within the optimum operating range

● Access control system with remote control and local operation.

Parameter for ESS container system

Specification 40FT ESS container system
Output power (KW) 250-1000 (Customized)
Battery capacity (KWH) 1000-2000 (Customized)
IP grade IP54
Operating temperature -20-55℃
Altitude(m) 3000
Size (L*W*H m) 12.192×2.438×2.896
Heat Dissipation System Industrial air conditioning/Forced air cooling/Temperature control
Monitoring system EMS/Video monitoring
Fire fighting systems Heptafluoropropane
Access control systems Equipped
Lighting systems Normal &Emergency
BMS Equipped


1.As a manufacturer of solar energy,we can offer customize for your local need and design your local system,print your logo etc.
3.Warranty 5 years
4.Online service (support video,picture),one-stop service from design to installation.
5.Quality guaranteed,product quality tests are carried out before leaving the factory.
6.Standard export package (wooden box or carton box with pallet)

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